The School for Leadership Dialogues are designed to provide potent access to the phenomena of transformational grassroots leadership. This is accomplished by means of the Mastery Foundation’s unique body of distinctions, each of which are proven to make a powerful and lasting difference.

What is there about oneself that needs to be dealt with in order to be capable of exercising transformational leadership?

What is required of oneself to generate the kind of leadership commitment and vitality that sustains itself even in difficult and seemingly impossible circumstances?

What kind of leadership operates effectively in community without a dependence on assigned authority, control of resources, or hierarchical position or title?

What kind of leadership does it take to create a high level of workability in community?

What kind of leadership is required to create a new future that is an authentic alternative to the future the past gives us?

What kind of leadership is required to engage a community in fulfilling their own chosen future?

What is required of one’s own leadership to create a space and environment in which transformational leadership in others can emerge and flourish?